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The post-apocalyptic 2D action RPG Kandria 

The old world is gone – the future is up to you
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(Credit: Shirakumo Games)

The open-world action RPG Kandria from Swiss indie game studio Shirakumo Games is now available on Steam. Players awaken as an android in a post-apocalyptic world that encourages exploration with its beautiful 2D pixel art style, but also offers numerous challenges. The game’s soundtrack is also available now

In Kandria, you set foot in a huge open world with a total size of more than 2.5 million square meters, which can be explored freely right from the start. However, this post-apocalyptic world also holds numerous dangers.

In 250 individually designed rooms, your skills are put to the test in challenging jump’n’run sections. All sorts of threats lurk in the caves and ancient ruins: It’s not just wild animals and renegade robots you have to watch out for. Many humans are also a serious threat in this harsh world. 

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In settlements, however, you will meet inhabitants who are simply trying to survive in a hostile world. By helping them with their problems in 50 different quests, not only do you give them hope. You also shed light on the mysteries of the world around you.

Or… just do your own thing. The world of Kandria has a lot to offer, both for adventurous explorers and for those who just want to live a quiet life in this strange world. Fishing, for example, is a safe way to recover from the strains of post-apocalyptic day-to-day life. And you never know: you might just catch something of value.

Kandria is available now on PC via Steam. More information about Kandria can be found on the official blog