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KingsIsle Launches Pirate101 on Steam

To celebrate the release of Pirate101 on Steam, the game also received a content update to challenge the most daring of Pirates
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KingsIsle Entertainment today announced the release of Pirate101 on Steam, bringing the game to the world’s largest PC gaming digital marketplace. The company also announced the release of new key art and a fresh trailer welcoming new players to the game.

In addition to launching on Steam, Pirate101 has also received a new content update titled Sinbad Chapter 2: The Iron Lotus that extends the Sinbad story that began last year and adds two new companions, Sinbad and Albano, to help you along your skyway adventures. Pirates will also be pitted against an overpowered Dreadnaught, a commandeered armada assault ship.

For any daring Pirates, don’t underestimate the power of this ship! If players are brave enough, the rewards for defeating the Dreadnaught include mighty new weapons to use in future battles.

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“We’ve been eager to get Pirate101 on Steam for a long time now after seeing the success being on Steam brought to Wizard101 since 2018,” said Leah Ruben, Senior Studio Director. “Steam also provides new ways to connect with the community via the Community Hub. We’re excited to see the community already using the hub forums to discuss their anticipation of playing the game.”

The community has also been providing valuable feedback and ideas for a variety of quality-of-life features. By popular demand, KingsIsle is happy to introduce Windowed Borderless Mode to support content creators and all their endeavors in the future.

For the launch of Pirate101 on Steam, visit:

For more information on the Sinbad Chapter 2: The Iron Lotus update, visit:

About Pirate101

Pirate101 is an MMORPG for all ages. The game is deeply narrative-driven with a vast set of unique worlds to traverse, complete with several side systems like pet morphing and house decorating. Pirate101’s exciting turn-based tactics combat flexes players’ strategic muscles as they try and outsmart the deadly foes threatening the Spiral. Now celebrating its 11th anniversary in 2023, Pirate101 has continued to expand its dedicated player base with the availability of the game now on Steam.

Players can download and play today for free from and on Steam.

About KingsIsle Entertainment

KingsIsle Entertainment, established in 2005, is a proven MMO hit-maker with 50+ million registered users across both the company’s MMOs, all with vibrant and strong communities. Since its foundation, KingsIsle has devoted itself to family-friendly gameplay and built an audience reaching from pre-tweens to their grandparents. Wizard101 celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2023, along with Pirate101’s 11th anniversary.