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Xmas-Goblins: Demo for Potion Tycoon Lets You Brew for Free

Create the best concoctions, so no hero will want to adventure without them!
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Xmas-Goblins. (Credit: Potion Tycoon)

Starting today, a holiday-themed demo for Potion Tycoon is available. Players can now brew the best potions in this magical management sim from Snowhound Games and Daedalic Entertainment for free on Steam.

In Potion Tycoon players aim to establish the ultimate potion brewery. In order to thrive in the competitive business of magical elixirs, they have to coordinate all their little helpers, optimize production lines and discover new recipes to create the best potions far and wide.

From collecting resources to selling the finished product, players will have to manage the entire production from start to finish. Only the best managers will be able to grow their shop into a household name and control the entire potion market.

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The demo allows players to dive head-first into the experience already. In the spirit of the holidays, Potion Tycoon now invites players into a magical winter wonderland and offers Christmas-themed decorations. Aspiring potion makers can decorate their shop with Christmas trees and cozy lighting and let their magical helpers wear comfy-themed outfits.

Additionally, the game underwent a lot of gameplay enhancements and polishing to make the experience even better for all players.